A series of mixed media artworks
Looking Forward
An abstract work representing an attitude of moving over difficulty portrayed by a bull standing still before moving past and moving forward in to a better future as the senses of sight, hearing and feeling amplify to take in lifes beauty and energy to get you over your worries.
Keep Going
This piece is a visual representation of endurance and never giving up through portraying the strength and will power of a horse, an animal well revered and integrated in to Arabic culture. The artist has portrayed the horses strength and persistence as moving out of control till it is no longer visually whole as it morphs in to sharp vectors.
Attraction is an emotional expression piece that portrays how humans feel when they are attracted to their soul mate. The artist has visually represented the feelings into smooth abstract lines. The inspiration of the work represents the artist’s vision of a woman’s feelings when she is attracted and captures the intricate mix of emotions involved.
Sad is representation of the feeling in colors and emotions while symbolically reminding us that after every low there is a high. The person is represented with darkened eyes to symbolize a darkness and a sense of lose, while the light in front of him represents the light that he will follow to get past the sorrow.
Faith is blind. This piece is the artists representation of faith as he symbolizes pure faith in religion and the creator by someone who is blind to spiritual curiosity yet in peace and filled with happiness, as they have neither questions nor doubts about the meaning of life, their believes and their purpose.
In Love
In Love is a representation of people in love, smooth lines symbolize the relationship between lovers as clean and pure. The piece integrates the Arabic word for love in to the structure of artwork.
Blown Away
Blown Away is a representation of human suffering, as the days become longer and happiness slips away the feelings of sadness grow in to the person as a tree spreading it roots and building a permanent home of sadness that blinds them from moving on. The artists representation of sadness and symbolism in this piece portrays how sadness can change a person and become part of them if they let it.
Keep it high
Keep It High, an Arabic expression used to life peoples spirits when they are down was the bases of this work as the artist represents the sentiments of the phrase by a dancing colorful spirit, full of positive energy to wash the worries away.
For more info about these illustrations and works, please check the original projects (individual case studies) on my Behance profile.
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